WWTP Mníšek pod Brdy

WWTP Mníšek pod Brdy
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    6000 EOV

    WWTP capacity
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    Czech Republic

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Quality and safe municipal waters

ZAT has been working in the field of water management for more than forty years, and we, as ZAT, consider the topic of efficient water management, both drinking and waste water, to be important. We also see the future of wastewater treatment in connection with the use of sludge gases for the production of biomethane in biogas plants.

In 2017, we participated in the supply of a measurement and control system for the implementation of a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Mníšek pod Brdy with a wastewater treatment capacity from an area of 6,000 inhabitants.


Control system including visualization

The control is based on four SandRA Z210 control systems and the SCADA system Reliance of the Czech manufacturer Geovap was used for visualization.

In the case of a customer's request, we also implement control systems from other manufacturers, such as Siemens, Schneider or Fiedler, for the control of wastewater treatment plants.

Control system SandRA Z210

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