Energy management

In the area of Energy Management we use our own developed platforms SandRA and SimONet for product management and control. Thanks to them, it is possible to customize products according to specific requirements.

A single system allows centralized access to all consumption, production and operational information. Our products are designed to simplify routine matters and save time and money. The system is also capable of interfacing with third parties, enabling up-to-date information on energy prices and weather forecasts for the area. We use artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of our products.

Control and monitoring centre for LDS

We deliver a tailor-made monitoring tool for distribution system operators and operators of measurement and control equipment in power engineering. This tool allows not only the display of the network status, but also the possibility of its remote control.

The complexity of the solution is ensured by the combined use of our SandRA and SimONet platforms.

Our goal is to help customers to streamline system operations and reduce financial and time costs. We follow trends and current developments in the field in terms of technology and legislative requirements and invest in development, so we always provide you with the most advanced solutions on the market.

Advantages of the system:

  • Comprehensive overview of energy consumption.
  • Possibility to control elements of the distribution system.
  • User settings for alarm values and notifications.
  • Easy filtering of information in graphs and tables according to user needs.
  • Implementation of foreign sources of electricity, e.g. photovoltaic power plants.
  • Online communication with the higher system.
  • Generation of print reports and their archiving.
  • Communication with accounting.
  • Compliance with current legislation.
Simonet IPPE

We offer local energy distributors an online dispatching system that collects information from the grid and provides it in real time to the LDS operator. Depending on individual customer needs, we display the information in overview graphs, tables or detailed rectangular diagrams of individual systems. This data is used for visualization of substations and for their control and enables display of instantaneous measured values.

The monitoring system also includes an optional module for commercial metering, which ensures automatic communication with the energy market operator. The module supports multi-tariff metering, controls advance payments and generates automatic invoices. The versatility of the module allows the connection of various types of measuring devices - electricity meters, gas meters, water meters or other sensors according to the requirements of the measured quantities.

The system is continuously updated to meet the legislative requirements of the Energy Regulatory Office and to expand the types of measuring devices with which it automatically communicates.

The system also includes a module for flexibility management. It allows to manage the LDS system dynamically according to the current situation on the electricity market and to use the alternative source efficiently. As a result, the LDS can become an essential resource for covering peaks and allows you to sell energy to the grid at a favourable price.

Municipal power engineering

We supply a monitoring system designed for clear display and easy management in the municipal power engineering. With this tool you can quickly, easily and comprehensively manage and control your energy consumption data.

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Advantages of the system:

  • Savings in operating costs.
  • Solutions tailored to customer requirements.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • One tool for all types of energy.
  • Automated creation of billing measurements.
  • A tool for sharing and managing electricity.
  • Exposure of blacklistings.
  • Compliance with the change in energy legislation and the amendment to the Energy Act.

Energy management, control and supervision

We offer municipalities a system that provides remote data collection from measuring points such as electricity meters, gas meters or water meters, which will continuously record current data from individual points. The system generates a prediction and evaluates the cost consumption of all types of energy in order to streamline the management of energy support, energy savings and the detection of black consumption. In addition to data collection and visualization, the system enables management and supervision of electricity sharing within the municipal energy sector, from renewable sources such as photovoltaic power plant.


Summary of consumption and production sites.


Data analysis and forecasting of planned production, consumption and sales.

Remote Diagnostc I
Remote readings

Measurement records using remote readings.


Notification when values are exceeded.

The solution is built on our own SimONet platform. This system displays the captured data, enables calculations, predictions and puts the data into context. Using data connectors, it can connect other user data and visualize it according to the customer's needs. It also offers a considerable number of filters, displays consumption and measuring sites over map data.

Smart buildings

We offer efficient building management, regardless of the mix of existing technologies with which they are equipped. We will ensure you significant cost savings associated with their operation. Thanks to monitoring, autonomous surveillance and desired state regulation, we control and adjust the indoor climate, including the current temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration, on a room-by-room basis according to the defined needs.

We provide real-time visibility of energy consumption and leakage, including peak energy. Based on the measured values, we analyze the current situation and propose optimization, whether it is the operating mode of the building or a production line.

Products for indoor environmental monitoring

We offer several ways to achieve energy savings. One of the most significant savings on the cost of heat supply, while complying with existing requirements, can be achieved by adjusting the individual temperature regimes in individual rooms in addition to carrying out costly building renovations. In addition to the financial savings, the correct adjustment of heating, ventilation and lighting can demonstrably improve the quality of the indoor climate of a room, which has a considerable impact on the health of the occupants and therefore their quality of life.

The solution uses a combination of smart thermostatic heads fitted to existing radiators, room sensors measuring environmental values (temperature, humidity, CO2) and the SimONet platform, which is used to visualise current and historical values and set the required parameters for individual rooms.

The solution is primarily suitable for buildings using a central heat supplier. However, it also demonstrates savings in buildings with their own heat source, which already allows for a certain degree of control for the building.

Simonet 1

The solution uses a sensor developed by us, which, in addition to monitoring environmental values, allows the occupancy of the room to be monitored using a thermal imaging camera (GDPR friendly). Based on long-term measurements, it then provides the basis for optimizing the use of offices or meeting rooms. It is suitable not only for office building owners who rent out their premises to companies with an emphasis on the most efficient use of the building layout, but also for the companies themselves, who can thus optimise the number of rented spaces with regard to the number of employees.

The solution is based on our SimONet platform, which collects, processes, visualizes, analyzes and offers the possibility of controlling peripherals - i.e. reacting to measured, non-standard conditions. The SimONet platform enables the association of data from any number of technologies and applications into one. It offers a complete overview of the building status, either directly in SimONet or in the form of reports or alerts. The solution in the form of a single application bringing together all the data about the building and the technologies used in it is suitable for those who require a quick overview, do not want to remember a series of passwords and use their time efficiently.

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SimONet platform

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