Biogas plants

We have many years of experience with the supply of control systems for biogas plants. We are planning to apply our experience both in the new construction and renewal of the conrol system and the effective provision of service to biogas plants.

Our own advanced control system is fully adaptable to specific customer requirements. We can implement a control system with a PLC (programmable logic controller) from Siemens.

We provide services and maintenance for our own SandRA control system and control system with Siemens PLC.

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Intelligent and comprehensive management of biogas stations

The current trend in the field of energy is the so-called decentralization of resources, the main idea of which is the creation of smaller local sources of energy in the given area.

Electricity consumption changes throughout the day, and since it is not possible to store energy in the transmission system, there is a need for flexible management. In a certain period of time, it is necessary to supply energy to the network, at other times it is necessary to store the produced energy, e.g. by storing gas.

Changes in the energy market bring new opportunities for biogas station operators. This opens up the opportunity for operators to become a flexibility provider. By implementing an intelligent software tool, the operator is able to respond flexibly to current prices on the energy market.

We provide operators with comprehensive solutions for the operation of biogas stations, from a central monitoring system on the SimONet platform, to self-management of individual parts of the biogas station (biomethane production, cogeneration unit, gas storage, gas treatment for the distribution system or its liquefaction, telemetry stations for the distribution system,... ).

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SandRA Z210 control system

Find out more about the Czech control system with a compact solution for biogas plants

Průmyslová řada Z200
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Biogas plant with SandRA control system

We offer control using our own compact control system SandRA Z210 with the possibility of connecting remote inputs and outputs and excellent communication equipment, enabling the association of control of various technologies or sub-technological units. By choosing control on our platform, you get a reliable control system developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the knowledge of the needs of the cntrolled biogas plant technology, we will design the optimal system at a favorable price.

The control system can be designed as centralized or decentralized. The delivery also includes comfortable central control, including unified visualization on the Reliance SCADA system. We implement the visualization system as local or with the possibility of remote access.

Advantages of using the SandRA control system

Biogas plants using Siemens control system

For customers who prefer proven control systems from foreign manufacturers, we offer control of biogas plants using the Siemens S7-300 control system. The standard solution is designed as a distributed control system with remote I / O modules. Excellent communication equipment allows the association of control of various technologies or sub-technological units.

For visualization we use touch panels from the same manufacturer supplemented by the Reliance SCADA system.

Subsequent warranty and post-warranty service is also a matter of course.

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Advantages of using the Siemens control system


We are a long-term and reliable service partner for biogas plant operators. To ensure the comfort of the operator, we provide service not only for the control itself, but also for the complete electrical parts. We provide service activities in the form of regular maintenance, or occasional or emergency service. In the case of concluding a service contract, we guarantee
speed of service intervention and availability of key spare parts.

Offered services for biogas plant operators

Control system migration

Is your system outdated and is its failure rate growing? Would you like to add other functions to the existing procedure? Are you thinking about upgrading biogas to biomethane?

Do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will be happy to suggest options for solving your needs.

Service support 24/7

We offer both comprehensive service of controlling and electrical parts with the option of choosing the type of provided service activities (from any to emergency service).

Communication in the English language and fast reaction time is a matter of course for us.

Easy replacement of spare parts

Thanks to many years of experience in the controlling of biogas plant technology, we will determine the necessary spare parts to ensure continuous operation.

Possibility of storing spare parts in our warehouses or directly at the customer.

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