Water management

In the field of water management, we operate at the levels of water management infrastructure of cities and municipalities and infrastructure providing operation on waterways.

Our goal is to provide the operator with the most user-friendly control system, including an individual and at the same time clear display of the required information. It is important for us to meet your requirements and respect your current practices and connection to current management systems of related technologies.

We offer our customers our own control system on the SandRA platform, we use our own SimONet platform for data visualization.

Water in agglomerations

With the help of modern platforms, we implement technology management for water treatment, purification and transport. The main directions include the management of wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and automatic pressure stations.

As part of the projects, we use our own SandRA control system as well as control systems from other manufacturers, such as Siemens, Schneider or Tecomat. We use Reliance and InTouch SCADA systems for visualization of the control.

We respond to the latest technologies for data collection and subsequent processing and evaluation of information. We use wireless battery sensors based on IoT data transmission technology for collection from remote locations. We store, visualize and analyze data using our own SimONet cloud solution.

We offer

Dispatching for technology control

We will modernize your current dispatching center or supply a new one, built on a reliable platform of a Czech supplier. We also use our experience from major deliveries of control rooms for rail transport and the gas industry.

Our control rooms offer the possibility of remote access and a user-friendly environment with the possibility of personalization.

We will ensure the cyber security of the visualized data as well as the possibility of displaying historical data and creating reports. Thanks to our software developers, we are able to analyze the collected data with regard to your needs.

Control system SandRA Z200

Safe and reliable system for water infrastructure management

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Trebon Graf

Wireless data collection and visualization

We will complement your technologies with wireless data collection using IoT elements / solutions as well as visualization of current technologies. Thanks to our SimONet platform, you can clearly display visualized data on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Platform SimONet

Own cloud application for data monitoring and visualization

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Water in the landscape

With the help of modern platforms, we can completely control all technologies used on hydraulic structures. With high-quality visualization tools, we will make their control available to both local staff and employees of the central control room.

Measurement and regulation

We carry out complete deliveries of measurement and regulation based on our own SandRA control system as well as control systems from renowned manufacturers

Technology control

We supply the turnkey control room from design proposal through installation, security and commissioning of the application to subsequent long-term maintenance

Security and reliability

We provide long-term service according to customer needs, we provide reliable and high cyber security of the entire solution

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