Control and diagnostics in transportation

We manage the infrastructure of transport routes. Our control systems ensure reliable and safe operation of half of the railway electrical dispatching centers in the Czech Republic.

We provide comprehensive supplies of control and diagnostics of transport infrastructure in rail, road and urban transport.


Dispatching and control technology, remote diagnostics and landslide detection in railway transport

City Transport
City transport

Dispatching and control technology and remote diagnostics for substations of transport companies

Road Transport
Road transport

Landslide detection and remote diagnostics for road transport

Remote diagnostics

ZAT has been dealing with remote diagnostics of technological systems since 2012. Its main goal is the transfer of diagnostic information from technological systems and facilities to persons or companies responsible for their reliable and safe operation.

We solve data collection and processing using the ZAT control system of the SandRA Z210 series as well as using freely programmable controllers SAIA, Tecomat, Siemens, the variant of which differs according to the specific needs of the customer or technology. We also use modern IoT wireless technology. We are able to transmit data using loT area networks Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT and we have a solution for a local data collection system using wireless mesh networks. To display the data, we use the traditional SCADA platform or the modern ZAT platform SimONet, with which we are able to perform analyzes of the measured data. Subsequently, we propose to the customer the optimization of his operation leading to financial savings.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our products and, if necessary, we maintain a continuous readiness.

Advantages of the system

  • the ability to monitor and control technology
  • online data access
  • a unified way to display all diagnostic information
  • openness of the system - into which a wide range of technologies can be integrated
  • easy visualization adjustment
  • analysis of measured data and design of operation optimization
Control system Sandra

We manage railway transport routes using our own Sandra Z210 platform


Dispatching and control technology

In the field of dispatching and control technology, ZAT supplies comprehensive systems for controlling the traction supply of switching stations, railway stations, traction transformer substations and low-voltage substations. ZAT also has competencies for the controlling of transport companies' substations.

Dispatching and control technology consists of several levels from control and operation of the technology itself through cybernetically secure data transmission to modern electro-dispatching. The system of dispatching and control technology is highly variable. It can therefore be used both for stations with a few signals and for large stations (eg traction transformer stations) with hundreds of signals.

During the implementation, ZAT uses not only its control system of the SandRA Z210 series, but also freely programmable controllers SAIA, Tecomat, Siemens, whose variant differs according to the specific needs of the customer or technology.

Visualization system

Visualization is used to directly control the technology and display its status. The ZAT company implements a dispatching workplace on the SCADA platforms of two manufacturers - the American company Wonderware and the Czech company GEOVAP Pardubice.

The benefit for the customer is a clear and easy-to-use system, easy adjustment of basic elements, a high level of cyber security, system reliability and roofing of all documents and certificates.

DRT Vizualizace

Landslide detection

As a result of natural processes, spontaneous soil movements are becoming more frequent in the landscape, which can cause serious damage to property and have a negative impact on human safety. The landslide detection system from ZAT provides timely warning to competent persons who have responsibility for the space entrusted to them.

Areas of application

How does the system work?

A number of battery-powered tilt sensors with a long service life of up to 5 years are installed along the entire length of the risk area. The sensors communicate with a central data logger, which transmits information via GSM to the diagnostic system - ZAT platform SimONet. The central recorder, which is located near the risk area, is equipped with a solar panel and battery, and therefore does not require a power supply. The entire system is wireless.

During the landslide, images of the guarded area are captured by cameras and sent to the dispatching center together with information about the event. The images allow visual confirmation of the actual conditions in place. Based on them, the operator can take steps to reduce damage to property and protect human health. The system can also be configured to send reports via SMS or e-mail.

Platform SimONet

Visualization tailored to the customer thanks to our own platform development (extern� odkaz)
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