Custom software development

We develop custom software for small and medium-sized companies and multinational corporations. Mobile, web and desktop applications for e-health, developers or companies in the field of transport and services.

The main advantage is the coverage of the entire development cycle. We build our software solution on Open Source technologies, so you don't have to worry about the number of licenses and other fees.

We are masters at integrations with other systems and the resulting application becomes your property.

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Application Design


An initial step in the development of a new system. We will map your functional and non-functional requirements, get to know your business, including the competition. Next we propose the best solution. Based on the analysis, we determine scope, price and schedule.

System design

The system design is directly related to the analytical phase and its outputs. A physical model of classes, a physical data model and designs of modules and components of the prepared system, or a design of a system platform for information systems are being prepared.


Development and testing


The prototype is an excellent tool for presenting selected parts of the prepared system to the client. This demo will give the customer an idea of how the system will look and work in key parts. So there is still a lot of room to specify the project / application before the actual programming of the entire application.

Development and testing

Based on the analysis and feedback collected in the prototyping phase, we start the development itself. We use our long-term experience and proven third-party frameworks for maximum efficiency and quality. Testing takes place in various forms from the beginning of development and does not end before the customer accepts the finished work.

Rollout and deployment

User Acceptance Testing

Selected end users in the feedback verify that the result meets their expectations and that the control of the application is sufficiently clear and intuitive.


The integration ensures the connection of the new build application with other customer system. Usually this integration involves data pumps. Selected data can be drawn from third-party system, or regularly exported from our application. We manage integration at both the application and database levels.


User Training


It is often necessary to transfer data from the original system to the delivered system or application so that it is possible to work with this data continuously and seamlessly link it with new data, which will already be completely processed by the new system.


Quality training of the new application for administrators and users is one of the pillars of successful implementation and subsequent use of the new system. Training can take place once or at regular intervals for new users, as well as its form, which depends purely on the customer's preference.

Consultation services

Requirements gathering

This is an essential activity for any analysis as detailed customer requirements help us to set the appropriate project target and understand what the project shall deliver. That's why we give a lot of attention to determining the targets, priorities, calculation algorithms, relevant standards etc. in order to ensure that the project will be successfully delivered.

Initial analysis

The aim of the initial analysis is to map and describe the existing processes or to map and describe the existing information system. The output is a document containing the suggestions and solution description based on which the client makes further decisions.

System analysis

The systems analysis is independent of the platform used and is used for application logic modelling. It uses the UML language standards in order to capture the logical data model of the application/project to design user interface prototypes.

Application support


The hotLine services are provided in two levels. First-level HotLine for end users and a Second-level HotLine for the personnel responsible for the operation of systems and applications, allows for the appropriate structuring of the technical support provided. HotLine is available by phone, e-mail, fax and via the web interface. It is possible to communicate in Czech on our HotLine, you can also speak English without any problems.

Aplikační podpora

Application support ensures smooth operation of the delivered application. We make sure that the application run correctly and remote application management enables us to correct actions not reversible by the user within guaranteed response times. We take care of the optimization of application performance and provide any other necessary interventions in the application or its functioning.

System support

This service involves the management of resources necessary for the running of applications. This includes all HW resources such as production servers, backup servers or infrastructure. It also includes SW resources on the level of operation systems and other system services, or security patches. The supervision of the whole system and dealing with requests within guaranteed times will effectively prevent critical situations that might occur.

Request management

All requests related to the operation of a delivered solution are managed centrally, regardless of their respective communication channels. A central information system called MailTracker always ensures unambiguous identification of each request and monitors its processing. Thanks to this transparent request registration no information is lost during the management of our applications.

Application outsourcing

If you want to run applications and services without any worries, outsourcing is the right solution. By taking over the application, services and infrastructure completely you will get time to focus on your business. Outsourcing avoids the cost of providing infrastructure and does not require investment in the application itself. Everything is provided for you as a comprehensive service with a guarantee of upgrade of production HW resources every 24 months, moreover without changing the financial conditions.

Professional Serverhousing for Internet and extranet solutions uses the services of the top data center (GTS Novera company) with a high degree of security provided by chip cards, special security keys and remotely monitored door locks. The air-conditioned data center has backup power supplies, a diesel generator, a decentralized fire extinguishing system and a guaranteed fast connection directly to the core network.

You do not have to invest in servers, the service is provided including HW, which is upgraded free of charge every 24 months.

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Cloud Computing refers to technologies that allow to share hardware and software over the Internet. It also allows efficient use of computing and other sources of data centres and service providers. It meets the requirements for services deployment time, quality and accessibility.

ZAT offers Cloud Computing services based on Azure platform provided by Microsoft.


We are ready to deliver our applications including the HW necessary for the operation of the whole solution. With regard to quality and reliability, the products of renowned global company Hewlett-Packard have been supplied and recommended to customers for several years.

We always provide the optimum combination of the necessary equipment from the wide range of offered servers and network storages with a view to the current requirements and planned system development.

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We are a long-standing "Gold" partner of Microsoft. In addition, we feel really confident in using the technologies below. However, if you are looking for a different technology alternative for your solution, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities of individual cooperation.

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