ZAT will supply the reactor rod control system for the second nuclear power plant in Hungary

ZAT will supply the reactor rod control system for the second nuclear power plant in Hungary

Company ZAT a.s., a top European producer of control systems for power engineering and industry, has signed a contract with Framatome* to supply their control system platform SandRA for units 5 and 6 of the nuclear power plant Paks II in Hungary. “It is another supply of our reactor rod control system for nuclear power plants in Hungary. It means that after its completion in 2027, all nuclear power plants of the Visegrad group countries will be using Czech control system technology by company ZAT,“ says Ivo Tichý, member of ZAT Board of Directors.  

For Paks-II nuclear power plant, the company shall supply a reactor rod control system for the primary circuit of the power plant unit 5 at the end of 2025, for unit 6 in 2027. Its function is to operate the 121 control rods of the nuclear reactor, including special safety functions. The project work shall start next year. The worth of the contract is hundreds of millions of Czech crowns.

The Paks II project includes the construction of two units of nuclear power plant with the VVER-1200 generation III+ type of reactor with power output of 1200 MW. Hungarian company PAKS II is the owner and operator of the power plant.  

ZAT at nuclear power plants in Hungary

The supply of reactor rod control system for nuclear power plant Paks II is already the second strategic contract that Czech company ZAT has concluded in Hungary in the course of the last few years. „Key factors for success on such a demanding market as the nuclear industry is like, is represented by knowledge of local legislation, requirements of the nuclear safety regulatory authorities as well as power plants operators including complying with strict international regulations,” adds Vladislava Česáková, member of ZAT Board of Directors. In her opinion, concluding another major contract in Hungary confirms the long-term competencies of the company in this field.

The Czech control system in the world

ZAT belongs to the top world suppliers in the field of nuclear power engineering. The company develops, manufactures, and supplies control systems mainly for large nuclear reactors type VVER 1200, VVER 1000, VVER 440, and REP 1300. Control systems made by ZAT also control small or experimental reactors and related nuclear technologies. The company also participates in the development of a nuclear reactor generation IV.  

ZAT control systems are currently applied at 37 nuclear units in 7 countries, namely in France, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Czech Republic, and Armenia. At the moment, the company is working on supplies of a control system for 3 reactors VVER 440 and 5 reactors type VVER 1200.

In total, ZAT control systems and know-how have been set up at 30 percent of nuclear power plants in the European Union and 10 percent in the world. „Our systems also control technologies at all Czech and Slovak nuclear power plants. We believe that we will apply our Czech competencies for the planned completion of new nuclear units here in the Czech Republic too,” concludes Ivo Tichý.

At present, ZAT is realizing contracts for more than 2 billion Czech crowns and is negotiating the realization of projects for almost 7 billion Czech crowns, in all fields that the company focuses on.

* In 2019, the Franco-German consortium Framatome-Siemens  signed an agreement with Rosatom Automated Control Systems JSC (RASU JSC), a subsidiary of Rosatom State Corporation, to supply automated process control systems for the Paks-2 Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6, located in central Hungary. 

Photo source (visualization of NPP Pakš II): Pakš II Ltd.