Automation for Nuclear Power Generation

1972 year of the beginning of our continuous operation in nuclear energy
5 countries in which there are implemented our projects
45 nuclear units which are powered by our control systems
1062 microprocessors are in one control system of position evaluation for control clusters of nuclear reactor VVER-1000

What do we do?

We provide instrumentation and control system for large nuclear reactors, small nuclear reactors and related nuclear technology including corresponding services. In the past we have implemented a number of projects not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. We are among the four companies in the EU which develop, manufacture, design and supply their own safety instrumentation and control systems for the primary circuit of the nuclear power plants. The Czech Republic, thanks to ZAT, belongs among the world suppliers of the most advanced safety and non-safety control systems for nuclear power plants.

Why to choose us

  • Our own technology Our solution is built on a modern product platform - ZAT SandRA
  • Long-term functionality of projects We design, manufacture, commission and maintain equipment with a long life cycle
  • Low operating costs Through easy maintainability of systems we will reduce your process costs
  • Individual approach We allow connection of other systems of different world manufacturers and strive to meet all customers´ requirements and needs 
  • Legislation and licensing We respect requirements of state authorities for nuclear safety, laws and standards and we ensure support within licensing process   

Offer of Services

Refurbishment of existing NPP

We modernize instrumentation and control systems of power plants in the Czech Republic and abroad with a focus on the plants with pressurized water reactors. We develop, design and manufacture instrumentation and control systems for various technology of nuclear reactors VVER 1000 and VVER 440.

Advantages of our systems:

  • Operational reliability
  • High comfort of diagnostics
  • Substantial reduction of the maintenance
  • Easier control and check of state 

We provide:

  • Development, design, manufacture and tests
  • Installation of the supplied equipment and its commissioning
  • Tests at customer´s 
  • Support to licensing process
  • Warranty and post-warranty service 

Construction of new nuclear power plants

We supply instrumentation and control systems for power plants in the Czech Republic and abroad with a focus on the plants with pressurized water reactors. We develop, design and manufacture control systems for various technological units of pressurized water nuclear reactors.

We offer standardized and comprehensive solution for the control of technological operation sets of the primary and secondary circuits and auxiliary circuits of the power plant including some safety systems and several other special systems.

We provide:

  • Design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning
  • Detail design according to customer's framework specification
  • Manufacturing documentation
  • Qualification of supplied equipment, according to the law of final destination country

Shutdown of nuclear plants

We focus on monitoring and control of special technologies and equipment that are used in a process of terminating the life cycle of plants.

This segment of the market is just developing and we are currently working on the preparation of the products which will be applied in this segment.

Research and small reactors

We modernize systems of instrumentation and control of research reactors and low power reactors which belong to the fourth generation reactors. We work on projects in the Czech Republic and abroad and we also work with different organizations ensuring construction of new reactors.

We provide:

  • Design and supply of control systems for specific sector of research reactors, so-called school reactors
  • Comprehensive services in modernization of instrumentation and control systems

Special applications

We design and deliver special electronic and electrical equipment for many applications for technology instrumentation and control of nuclear power plants. We also develop and manufacture special power blocks such as controlled rectifiers, converters, inverters, etc.

We design the equipment especially for our own projects but we also offer our know-why and know-how to other customers.


We focus on modernization of the instrumentation and control system of operated power plants and also on supply of new built blocks, we participate in modernization of I & C of research reactors in the Czech Republic and abroad, focusing within the following disciplines:

Instrumentation and control of the common parts of the unit 

We provide a comprehensive supply control systems for the joint part of nuclear power plants. You meet our systems in all safety classes of control systems (B, C according to EN 61226). The system is realized based on platform SandRA Synergy DCS.  



BOP (Balance Of Plant) control systems

We provide a comprehensive supply of control systems for BOP of NPP. You can find our systems in safety classes C control systems according to EN 61226 and those non-classified. The system is realized based on platform SandRA Synergy DCS. 

These systems provide essential needs of nuclear power plant in spite of the fact that they belong to neither the primary nor the secondary part of the power station unit.

ZAT more reliable and sustainable solution is convenient for the operator. It unifies technical solution and centralizes operation control into few centres with permanent staff. Thanks to this the work which is necessary on the individual operating files is coordinated in a better and more efficient way. 

I & C of BOP includes:

  • I & C system of NPP water control 
  • Pumping and cleaning stations of waste water
  • Technological and sewage sink plant  
  • Damping and measuring object of waste water
  • Energy recovery systems for gravity waste water from NPP
  • Industrial gas management
  • Industrial water supply
  • Valve chamber reservoirs
  • Heat exchanger
  • Stations of the cold source
  • Low-pressure compressor station
  • Auxiliary boiler room
  • Water treatment for cooling tank with splash
  • Control system for non-unit own consumption
  • Lubricating oil and diesel fuel management
  • Chemicals and neutralization store
  • Disposal of sludge
  • Pumping stations of waste water from unloading yard sludge
  • Pumping station of sewage and industrial waste water
  • Chemical water treatment plant (CWTP)

Instrumentation and control system for research reactors and low power reactors

We provide a comprehensive supply of control systems for research reactors and low power reactors. You encounter with our systems in control systems safety classes (A, B, C according to EN 61226).  The systems are realized based on platform SandRA Z100 and Z200.  




Certified supplier for NAEK, Energoatom Ukraine
Certified supplier for CEZ a.s., Czech Republic
Certified supplier for SE ENEL a.s., Slovakia
The selected contractor for AREVA NP, France


Karel Stočes

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