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Technical solution of control of combustion processes (boilers) and auxiliary operating units includes all the components necessary to optimize the technological facility operation. It involves both measuring and control of the  combustion process itself and the section of flue gas cleaning to the parameters required by legislation.

Control of boiler parts

ZAT solution comprises individual, systemically mutually connectable parts of the control system into a single operating unit.

The basic means of control is the DCS platform ZAT SandRA concentrating in a single solution all the system information and tools for operation and maintenance of technological facility through modern control methods. 

Boiler control circuits

  • drum level control
  • steam temperature control
  • output control (outlet pressure or amount of steam from the boiler)
  • boiler inlet air pressure control 
  • vacuum control in the combustion chamber
  • regulation of O2 content in flue gas
  • screw feeders balancing
  • DeNOx control

ZAT solution includes control systems of boiler parts for all commercially used types of combustion processes (i.e. realized types of boilers) and kinds of fuels within all safety categories set by legislation. 

Within the combustion process there are realized individual operating units :

  • transportation and fuel preparation - internal coal handling, mills and separators, burners
  • water system consisting of feed water pumps, level control in the feed tank and  pressure / temperature control of outlet steam
  • air section
  • flue section

For control of substations we offer our own control system SandRA Z200 or Z210 the control system compatible with the whole unit control according to customer requirements.

Monitoring and visualization is realized through the tools of Czech and foreign producers. Among the Czech producers there are used software applications of  Geovap company (Reliance), Moravian Instruments Inc. (ControlWeb). From foreign producers there are used applications of Wonderware (InTouch) and Siemens (WinCC). 

The diagnostic system is a part of the process stations SandRA Z200