Hněvkovice hydraulic structure

Hněvkovice hydraulic structure
  • Water

    191 m

    Dam height
  • Location

    Czech Republic

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ZAT on waterways in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

In the river basins in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, ZAT has been operating for many years, both in the management of hydropower plants and in the technology of the hydraulic structures themselves.

The Hněvkovice hydraulic structure, which is located in the Vltava basin, is part of the critical infrastructure and serves as a cooling source for the Temelín NPP. As part of protection against the effects of up to 10,000 years water, we have replaced the original ZAT-E and ZAT-DV systems for controlling the lock chamber and weir flaps with a modern control system of the ZAT SandRA series.


Secure solution for critical infrastructure

The SandRA Z200 system was used to control the hydraulic structure, designed to control extensive technologies. The visualization is based on the In Touch platform and can be accessed both from the operator's workplace and via remote access.

Cyber security is a matter of course for our company and the proposed solution meets the extremely high requirements for cyber security, caused by the affiliation of the hydraulic structure to the critical infrastructure of the Czech Republic.

Control system SandRA Z200

Safe and reliable control of the lock chamber and weir flaps


History of supplies for hydraulic structures

  • 2002

    Supply of control systems for Hněvkovice, Kořensko and Lipno on ZAT E system

  • 2010

    Modernization of the control system at the Hněvkovice hydraulic structure. The ZAT DV system has been deployment

  • 2017

    Modernization of the control system at the Kořensko hydraulic structure. The ZAT SandRA system has been deployed

  • 2022

    Modernization of control systems for hydraulic structures Hněvkovice and Lipno on the ZAT SandRA system