Chemical water treatment plants Back

Process of chemical water treatment provides treatment of raw water to the water mechanically and chemically cleaned to meet the needs of individual technological devices of power equipment.                                     

Control of chemical water treatment plant is a part of delivery of the whole unit control or a separate operating unit. We are able to supply comprehensive solution for control systems, field instrumentation and cabling.

For control of the chemical water treatment plant we offer our own control system SandRA Z200 or a control system compatible with the whole unit control according to customer´s requirements.
Monitoring and visualization is realized through the use of tools of Czech and foreign producers. Among the Czech producers there are used software applications of Geovap company (Reliance), Moravian Instruments Inc. (ControlWeb). From the foreign producers there are used applications of Wonderware (InTouch) and Siemens (WinCC).                            

The diagnostic system is a part of the process stations SandRA Z200.