Diagnostic Information System Back

The system is part of the first line of defence in depth and allows the collection of all available operational and diagnostic data from the related technological control systems. The system is realized based on platform SandRA Synergy DCS. 

How does it work?

The system processes verifies, archives these data and also presents them through its own stations for contact with operating staff. These stations are not intended for control of unit operation but they are used for analytical and diagnostic purposes and for maintenance purpose.

The system also ensures:

  • Transfer of selected data to subsequent external systems
  • On-line diagnostics of the instrumentation and control input signals at the highest level (mainly comparing the values of different measurement of identical technological quantity) covering especially a set of information created by comparing different sensors of identical technological quantity
  • Display and print of immediate and historical trends of unit technological quantities
  • Export of selected data in standard formats to various media for off-line data transfer and long-term archiving
  • System time synchronization and providing subsequent technological control systems with time synchronization