Excitation system of generator Back

Excitation systems include advanced digital controller ZAT AVR Z110 or special application control system SandRA. This controller is designed for synchronous generators in nuclear power plants.

How does it work? 

Controller ZAT AVR Z110 can be modified for various types of excitation systems, e.g.:

  • Static excitation system
  • Excitation system with alternating exciter
  • Excitation system with direct exciter 
  • Excitation system with brushless exciter 

Excitation system AVR Z110 provides great variability of redundance of both control and power part:

  • Single-channel control and power system  
  • Double-channel control and power system
  • Double-channel part with one power part 
  • Bumpless version of automated transfers between controllers

We are able to supply power convertor according to customer´s request:

  • Three-phase fully controlled tyristor bridge in compact version 
  • Three-phase fully controlled tyristor bridge consisted of tyriblocks
  • IGBT convertor with pulse width modulation 

It is possible to design and realize excitation system according to customer´s request both within replacement of entire system for the new one and in reconstruction of the control part of excitation.