Important events in the ZAT history


1962 - Development and production of automatic mining devices including special sensors are launched in the Research and Development Centre of Uranium Industry Automation
1964 - The Research and Development Centre of Uranium Industry Automation is relocated to the buildings of the former Kamenná mine
1965 - Automation research department no. 5 becomes part of ÚVZÚ ŠKODA (Central Research and Testing Institute ŠKODA)

  • Development Centre of Uranium Industry is turned into Uranium Industry Development Works “VZUP Kamenná”
  • the first compact control system DIAMO KŘS is developed

1970 - Independent Automated Technologies Operations Department is formed as a part of the Development Plant of Uranium Industry



  • Automated technology operations are relocated to a new building in Příbram
  • Large volumes of orders – namely deliveries for conventional power engineering

1974 - Automation research is transferred from Central Research and Testing Institute ŠKODA in Pilsen to Electrotechnical Works in Doudlevce



  • Automated Technologies Operations unit changes into Závod automatizační techniky – ZAT, a part of Uranium Industry Development Works (VZUP).  Second company building opens in Příbram
  • first control systems utilizing microprocessors
  • increasing number of final deliveries, in particular for the power and gas industry and for surface mining

1988 - an independent Automation Unit, part of Škoda Plzeň, is formed in Doudlevice



  • Závod automatizační techniky – ZAT is detached from the uranium industry; ZAT a.s. company is formed in Příbram
  • the company is privatized
  • development of a new series of control systems starts
  • investments into production technologies and equipment

1993 - The automation unit of Škoda Plzeň is turned into ŠKODA Automatizace s.r.o. company, later renamed to ŠKODA Controls s.r.o.
1997 - ZAT a.s. buys the Pilsen company Easy Control
1998 - ŠKODA Controls becomes one of the divisions of ŠKODA Energo s.r.o.


2003 - ZAT a.s. acquires power engineering activities of the Controls division from ŠKODA Energo s.r.o.
2005 - Subsidiary company ZAT Easy Control becomes a part of ZAT
2006 – Clinical trials of MDM device for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, using the method of Mesodiencephalic modulation, are successfully completed
2007 - A new building of the Research and Development Centre with a ZAT a.s. testing room is opened in Pilsen
2009 - ZAT a.s. founds the MDM Centrum, a subsidiary focused on the application of the Mesodiencephalic modulation medical treatment method
2011 - for the first time are presented new process station SandRA


2012 - the company celebrates its 50th anniversary


2014 – …and future is in our hands…