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Description of Solution

Almost the entire history of ZAT since 1962 is connected with the supply of controls for surface mining technologies, where we have gained extensive experience with management:

  • Belt conveyors and wagons,
  • Mining machines and large machines,
  • Other technologies related to the transport of bulk materials
  • and visualization of these technologies at both local and central control rooms.

Based on the submitted technical documents for the given technology and specific customer requirements, we will design the HW and SW of the control system for you. We primarily offer our own SandRA control system with three levels of HW keys, enabling you to define the range of access rights for different types of users. It is a control system developed on the basis of our own development and production, thanks to which we guarantee high flexibility and satisfaction with the specific needs of the customer. If required, we also use control systems from other manufacturers.

To ensure an immediate overview of the state of the art, we install it with suitable field instrumentation and transfer and display the obtained diagnostic data via our own SimONet product at the operator's station or on your smartphone or tablet.

Technical Solution


In the case of simpler applications, such as smaller filling stations or automatic pressure stations, we prefer a solution based on our own compact control system SandRA Z210 with the possibility of connecting remote inputs and outputs.
For more complex applications, we mainly offer our own control system SandRA Z200 of more robust construction.
In the case of established standards or customer requirements, we can build management on products from other suppliers, such as Schneider, Allen Bradley, etc.


The method of visualization depends on the complexity of the technology.
For the simplest applications, we display information on the control panel or via a web server. In the case of more complex technologies, we then visualize at the operator's workplace or central control room, using mainly the Czech Reliance platform, which offers a clear and friendly user environment.
In the case of customers with above-standard requirements, we offer the use of the foreign Wonderware platform.

Topological Scheme

Customer Benefits

When deploying the SandRA control system:

  • Friendly user interface and convenient access to current data via smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Modern system with the possibility of supplementing functions in connection with its own development capacities
  • Openness of the control system - possibility of SW modifications by the operator
  • Czech product and documentation
  • Fast on-site or remote access service
  • Cost savings due to preventive maintenance based on the collection and analysis of diagnostic data


Completed orders:

  • Pulse nozzle control

This is the fourth successful cooperation with MOSA Solution in the supply of pulse nozzles. The customer in this case was Severočeské doly, specifically the coal treatment plant in Ledvice. The partner company newly added pulse nozzles of its production to the existing tanks to ensure a continuous flow of bulk material. As in previous implementations, ZAT took care of the power supply and control of this technology using the Siemens Simatic control system, which is fully user-parameterizable via a local touch panel. We have newly supplemented the control with wireless transmissions, which provide online diagnostic information. Thanks to this, we, as suppliers, have the opportunity to check the state of technology anytime and anywhere, monitor the operating history and plan preventive maintenance. The contract was completed in June 2020.

  • SW modifications of the control system on the large machine KU800.11

In September of this year, ZAT completed an order for Vršanská uhelná, within which it provided software modifications to the ZAT DV control system of the KU800.11 - K.84 large mining machine. During the regular summer shutdown of the equipment, the operator modernized the wheel grease and oil lubrication system. Based on the customer's request, the new lubrication system was delivered by the manufacturer without a control system. ZAT then took care of the processing and integration of the relevant lubrication algorithms into the overall control of the machine.

  • Modernization of the production spraying line

In 2017, we modernized the spray line control system for the family company JIRKAL KOMAXIT. We used the ZAT SandRA Z210 control system on the device, which was originally controlled using relay logic. As part of the implementation, we also ensured the replacement of the electrical part of the equipment.

This delivery confirms our ability to meet the specific requirements of smaller customers from various industries.