General Information

ZAT a.s., global supplier of industrial process automation

ZAT Company seats in Příbram and Plzeň. ZAT a.s. is the oldest Czech company in the field of technological process automation with more than 50 years of experience.

3524 applications worldwide
62 different countries
55 years of experiences
365 days of support per year

ZAT focuses on development, designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance capacities for electronic devices and control systems and their components. It is also a manufacturer of medical devices. It is a senior certified supplier especially in the fields of:

Mr. Vladimír Dlouhý, The president of Czech chamber of commerce visited company ZAT on April 8, 2015

Professor Václav Klaus paid a visit to ZAT company in Příbram on March 17. 2015

Our Mission

We focus on meeting the requirements of ou customers based on long-term developed knowledge of their needs

  • ZAT provides the complax supplies of automated systems for technological processes control including managing all the related activities and sub-supplies.

ZAT is a reliable partner for complex suppliers owners and operators of the plants

  • We apply the principles of co-operation based on particular experience. In the framework of complex supplies we apply advanced project management.

We implement our original control system as well as the systems provided by other renowned producers

  • The competence of our company is based on designing the technical concepts and control systems hierarchy for various safety levelsi.

We focus on the branches demanding reliability, safety and individual approach required especially in the branch of power generation, mining, transportation and healthcare.

  • ZAT is a highly reliable partner for higher suppliers and end-users. Company applies the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of experience in supplying a sophisticated project management system with the support of transparent organizational structure.

We follow the principles of project management

  • The orders are implemented such a way that the company was able to react flexibly to its customers' wishes. The individual market areas guarants are professionals in the field and coordinate the development of the company in accordance with the strategic and marketing goals.