Production of
industrial electronics

700 types of manufactured products yearly
4 generations of control systems during existence of the company
21 000 pieces of electronic boards yearly
15 mil. pieces of parts mounted annually

What do we do?

We produce industrial electronics, which we use not only in the sphere of production of medical devices or for design applications in the framework of automaton. Our products are applied in foreign markets, e.g. in Turkey, China, South Korea or Russia.

High technologies increase quality of our own design as well as the design of our business partners, whom we provide with our production capacities and know-how in production of industrial electronics. Our technology enables to adapt to the newest trends in the field of industrial automatization.

Why choose us?

  • Reliability We are holders of the ISO 13485,ISO 14001,ISO 900 Certificates
  • Experience We have long-standing competence in the sphere of transport, traction vehicles, power converters, health service and supplies for nuclear power engineering.
  • Tradition We have been offering products from equipped plates of printed circuits up to complete control systems for more than 50 years.
  • Quality We implement long-term service repairs both guarantee as well as after-guarantee repairs.
  • Conformability We realize for our external customers their developed products from functional samples up to batch production.

Offer of services

Own solution of electronic boards in industrial quality.

Manufactured products are within the range from individual electronic boards, through sets of these boards up to production of functional units such as controllers, control stations etc.

We implement produced components, including functional tests, within the required scope up to testing by electronic testers, including output reports.

Complex solution of production of electronic boards in SMT technology

We produce electronic boards with high integration within the range of up to 180 types of SMD components on the board. All soldering processes are controlled, including the possibility of selective soldering. In the production process soldered boards undergo automatic optical check. We are equipped with RTG non-destructive diagnostics in order to implement mounting and soldering.

Electronic boards are varnished by means of selective technology

For protective varnishing we use technology of selective varnishing, thanks to which it is possible to varnish only those areas, which the customer requires.

In accordance with the requirements of the standards CSN EN 5050155 and CSN EN 61508-2 we ensure requirements for weather resistance of the produced components.

Completion and connection of control systems

We complete higher units of control systems, such as processor stations, controllers or converters. Most of these HW products are checked at the output by the electronic tester; output reports and measured parameters are archived.

Implementation of switchboards

During completion of switchboards we use the series of cabinets produced by the chosen supplier KORAMEX or by renowned producers Rittal, Schneider Electric, OEZ, Schrack and EATON.

Production of switchboards of LV up to 1kV

  • Power supply of technological processes
  • Distribution switchboards
  • Special (Excitation of generators)

Production and completion of switchboards of control systems

We produce switchboards:

  • with own control system (SandRA)
  • with control system by other renowned producers (SIEMENS, B@R, SAIA, AlanBredly, ...)
  • according to contractual documentation of the customer

Testing of control systems – functional tests

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) is a phase, during which we perform the set of tests (SW and HW) within the framework of the supplied product. Application is tested in completely integrated environment and output means fulfilment and acceptance of the required criteria.


Ing. Vladimír Pikard

The guarantor of the industrial electronics production
+420 736 519 302