Safety switch power regulatory mechanisms Back

Purpose of the safety switch (RTB) is a quick disconnection of power supply designed for reactor control mechanisms. 

How does it work? 

RTB is divided in two identical sets that are connected in series to ensure high reliability. These sets are placed in separate premises and cannot be put out of operation simultaneously.

When one of the RTB sets is in action, there occurs safe disconnection of power supply of regulation mechanisms and then fast shut-down of reactor.

RTB works based on commands from related system of protection and commands by operator from unit and emergency control room. In-built users function enable easy testing of power switch isolator switching on/off and collection of diagnostic data. There is also displayed information on state of main functions, detection and failure indication occurred in RTB system. This system performs highest safety function according to ČSN EN 61226 and it has been developed based on platform ZAT-RA.