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Product description

Simonet Visualization is a platform providing views of the datasets collected using IoT technology and otherwise. Managerial and technical views can display current as well as historical data. Moreover it enables making calculations and exploring relations to ambient conditions (temperature, dust level, noise atc.). The system offers a number of functionalities, such as filtering, exporting data into standard file formats, overlaying the data collection points over maps, enabling entering details relevant to the points (information on installation, technician, date of next calibration, GPS coordinates, fault and repair log, account and access level management etc.).

The standard visualization platform can be adjusted to fulfill customer requirements. Other user data can be brought in through data connectors.

Benefits for the customer

  • Increase in efficiency – identifying financial savings
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Decision support (reporting and trend tracking)
  • Data connectors for information systems
  • Well-arranged and user-friendly – all information in one place
  • Online remote access through the web interface

Data visualization examples