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Product description

Telemetry control system of natural gas delivery and regulation station facilitates the collection and transfer of operation data to the operator´s control center. The system ensures control of regulation and safety valves for gas inlet, gas preheating and monitors fiscal measurement devices. The system can be operated locally using a touchscreen monitor and remotely from the central control room.

Technical specifications

Utilized HW:

  • PLC Sandra Z210-UC5, Z210-UC9
  • PLC Sandra Z200, Z210
  • B&R remote IO
  • Touchscreen monitors Weintek Easyview

Utilized SW:

  • Local visualization - Easybuilder
  • PLC programming environment – Pertinax

Communication protocols:

  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Secure diagnostics through openVPN

Topology diagram

Touchscreen monitor = Dotykový panel

Central control room = Centrální dispečink

Flow indicator = Průtokoměr

Chromatograph = Chromatograf

Valve drive = Pohon armatur

Temperature sensor = Teplotní čidlo

Pressure sensor = Tlakové čidlo

Controlled and monitored technologies

  • Gas flow
  • Gas preheating
  • Gas odorization
  • Shut-off valves
  • Security system
  • Gas pressure
  • Gas quality
  • Gas temperature
  • Power supply

Benefits for the customer

  • Control system developed and produced by ZAT
  • High reliability of the system, low failure rate thanks to quality components
  • Backward compatibility
  • Well-arranged, easily operated, user-friendly environment
  • Remote online access
  • System diagnostics
  • Efficient cost-cutting solution