Turbine Control and Protection System (TCS/TPS) Back

We design and implement control and protection systems of turbines of all types and power from basic design up to implementation at the customer, including warranty and post-warranty service.


  • Field instrumentation and cabling
  • Data collection and their processing in control system
  • Visualization
  • Communication with other systems of power unit
  • Control of auxiliary technological units, e.g. turbine turning gear synchronization     

Technical requirements for control system:

  • system for turbine island control is operating in real time and it consists of autonomous redundant microprocessor stations capable of independent operation, independent of the function of other unit control systems.
  • turbine controller (TCS) is usually supplied in a redundant design with duplex I / O interface.
  • turbine protection system (TPS) in a redundant design with triplex interface I / O for selection two of three by the triple measurements and control of triple actuators.

For TCS we offer our own control system SandRA Z200 or a control system compatible with the whole unit control according to customer requirements.

Turbine Control System (TCS)

Main tasks realized by the turbine control system:

  • Reading, filtering and verification of process data
  • Control loops
  • Binary logic control
  • Communication with the visualization system
  • Data exchange with other systems and master control system
  • Technological requirements - special tasks

Control loops:                      

  • Control valve (CV)
  • Control of speed, power and AS pressure

Other modes:

  • Manual operation of CV
  • Island operation (operation in a separate grid)

Special tasks:

  • Revolution speed measurement (requirements for speed and accuracy)
  • 3 revolution speed sensors (e.g. EPRO PR9376)
  • Selection and verification 2 of 3 measurements, evaluation of revolution levels and  forbidden acceleration, max. speed
  • Processing the entire speed control loop up to 20ms
  • Control of HP hydraulics elements (speed requirements)
  • Implementation of position loop for control of control valves
  • Processing time of calculation 5 ms

Turbine compact controller 

Turbine compact controller is an alternative to robust systems TCS/TPS based on SandRA Z200. This solution is based on the customers´ requirements for cheap, simple solution of small turbines control on thermal as well as hydro power pants. 

Turbine compact controller can be embedded in a suspended switchboard. Main part of the switchboard is represented by the users programmable units of the SandRA Z210 set that perform function of TCS/TPS. On the front door there can be installed a control PC intended for system control and parametrization.

TCS/TPS compact system is applicable for new contracts as well as for replacement or reconstruction of existing systems.

Operators of electric energy sources, EPC or technology suppliers are the customers.

Advantages of turbine compact controller:

From the customers´ point of view:

  • Ability to react to the technology operation requirements
  • Possibility of individual solution with regard to the version in SandRA instrumentation
  • Production quality is identical with other ZAT products. It is a control system SandRA Z210 and 10-year quarantee is related to it
  • The price lower than for instrumentation of Z200, we are fully comparable with the competition
  • Supply has the parameters identical with other ZAT supplies
  • Faster and cheaper solution design
  • Availability of all support for operation of control system -  documentation, individual configuration    

   More information here

Turbine Protection System (TPS)

Main tasks realized by the turbine protection system:

  • Reading, filtering and verification of process data
  • Binary logic control - protection algorithms
  • Evaluation of the first incoming event (cause of shutdown)
  • Communication with the visualization system
  • Data exchange with other systems and master control system

Turning gear synchronization (TGS)

Turbine turning gear synchronization is designed with system SandRA Z110.  It se-rves for smooth coupling turning gear to turbine during turbine shutdown.

Used communications: Ethernet, CAN, USB

Monitoring and visualization is realized through the use of tools of Czech and foreign producers.  From Czech producers are used software applications of  Geovap company (Reliance), Moravian Instruments Inc. (ControlWeb). From foreign producers  are used applications of  Wonderware (InTouch) and Siemens (WinCC).                            

The diagnostic system is part of the process stations SandRA Z200.