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Product description

The control system ensures the safe and smooth operation of underground natural gas reservoirs. The following processes are controlled and monitored at the facility: dehydration and filtration of the gas, glycol regeneration, compressors, gas cooling, methanol injection, natural gas extraction and injection. The system is able to integrate auxilliary technology, such as a boiler house, fire pumps and security devices. The facility is controlled from a central control room. Operational diagnostics can be run locally via webserver. Documentation for underground storage is created using the COMOS tool, which enables developing the project of measurement and regulation equipment as well as the application software in one universal environment. Information from all the different parts of the project is stored in a central database and any change is automatically distributed throughout the whole collection of documents.

Technical specifications

Utilized HW:

  • PLC Sandra Z210-UC5
  • PLC Sandra Z200
  • B&R remote IO

Utilized SW:

  • PLC programming environment – Pertinax
  • Visualization programming environment – WonderWare

Communication protocols:

  • Pernet – proprietary protocol
  • Secure diagnostics through openVPN

Topology diagram

Topology diagram of redundant Z200 = Topologické schéma redundantní Z200
Operator workstation = Pracoviště operátorů
Diagnostics station = Diagnostická stanice
Programming station = Inženýrská stanice
Redundant Z200 = Redundantní Z200
Valve drives = Pohony armatur
Flow indicator = Průtokoměr
Pressure and temperature sensors = Tlaková a teplotní čidla
External IO modules = Externí IO
Chromatograph = Chromatograf
Commercial flow measurement = Obchodní měření

Controlled and monitored technology

  • Compressors
  • Methanol management
  • Extraction and injection wells
  • Gas preheating
  • Gas cooling
  • Shut-off valves
  • Gas filtration
  • Gas dehydration
  • TEG regeneration
  • Water pumping
  • Boiler house
  • Pipe yard
  • Security system
  • Gas pressure
  • Gas quality
  • Gas temperature
  • Power supply

Benefits for the customer

  • Control system developed and produced by ZAT
  • High reliability of the system, low failure- rate thanks to quality components
  • Backward compatibility
  • Central database
  • Remote online access
  • System diagnostics
  • Efficient cost-cutting solution
  • Centralization and online management of the system
  • Well-arranged, easily operated, user-friendly environment
  • Software alterations and hardware replacement during live operation
  • Redundancy
  • Wide range of communication protocols supported
  • Long-standing expertise in control systems implementation
  • Quallified designing and programming personnel
  • Integration of experience from various different fields
  • Universal documentation tool - COMOS