Company structure

ZAT a.s.

  • supplier of comprehensive automation solutions for energy and industrial processes
  • producer of medical devices
Established: 1962
Legal Status: Joint Stock Company

100% owns - Brixen Investments Czech Republic Ltd.BRIXEN INVESTMENTS LIMITED

Registered Capital: 215 000 000 CZK
Number of employees: 349 (January 1st 2021)

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Board of Directors

Vladislava Česáková Member of the board of directors

Jaroslav Scharf Chairman of the Board

Ivo Tichý Member of the Board


Vladislava Česáková Executive director

Ivo Tichý Sales and Realization Director

Ivo Tichý Director of Marketing and Sales

Miroslav Vaněček Director of the Energy and Distribution Division

Vladimír Pikard Director of the Industrial Electronics Division

Roman Plavec Director of the Medical Division

Ivana Bergerová Financial Director

Pavel Kulík Technical Director

Václav Janoch Sales and Marketing Director

Martin Brašna Director of the Supply Chain Production Department

Jakub Křesina Procurement Director

Vladislava Česáková Director of Backoffice Department