Newa CT1 - Ozosmart device helps patients in Ukraine

Newa CT1 - Ozosmart device helps patients in Ukraine

Company ZAT is the only producer of devices for ozone therapy in Czech Republic. Our therapeutic devices Ozosmart are successfully applicated during treatment of patients around the world including Ukraine.

As a member of Association of producers and suppliers of health resources (AVDZP) we are also part of a program for recovery of Ukrainian public health. About successful project which provides supplies of medical devices and equipment for specialized workplaces and clinics on territory influenced by war conflict also Czech Television said.

In report that held place at ZAT in Příbram we presented manufacturing lines on which are produced components for Ozosmart representative of distribution company Comedeq explained the way of completion and delivery of each supply to a selected place.

„Ozosmart made by our company helps Ukraine  with faster treatment with injuries mainly with amputations. Advantage of our medical device is that it has multifunctioning use. It can be used as a adjunctive treatment for example in case of neurology and treatment of herniated discs in managing inflammatory infectious illness in which antibiotic treatment fails or for example for faster recovery of chronic wounds like leg ulcer, diabetic foot or post operation condition,“ says Roman Plavec marketing and business manager for public health.

More information about therapeutical device Ozosmart you can find on our web.