Medical devices,
& e-Health

17 Years

Development of medical devices

ISO 13485

Manufacture, installation and servicing of medical devices


Medical devices in accordance with EU standards

Telemedicine & e-Health

Mobile application for healthcare Monitoring of medical facilities

What do we do?

ZAT is a certified manufacturer of medical devices, including all related processes, and a leader in the field of e-Health, telemedicine and services for medical devices.
We have been developing medical devices in accordance with the EN 60601-1 standard for 17 years.

What we can do?

  • Complexity - we provide development, production, installation and service of medical devices according to ISO 13485
  • Skills - we employ highly skilled workers
  • Flexibility - to our clients we implement their developed products from functional samples and prototypes to serial production
  • Experience - we have many years of competence in the production and supply of medical devices and their parts for the most important companies in the medical technology market
  • ZAT a.s. is certified by DNV Product Assurance AS
  • We are a member of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices

Service offer

Services for medical entities

  • Do you lack development capacity?
  • Would you like to develop new functionality?
  • Not sure how to certify your medical device?
  • Did the critical vendor dropped you out?
  • Are you accruing discrepancies in audits?
  • Do you have deficiencies in the technical documentation of your medical device?


Mgr. Ondřej Rinke

Tel.: +420 735 724 740

    Guarantor of the field

    Ing. Roman Plavec

    Business contact

    +420 736 519 482

    Technical questions

    Ing. Martina Balcarová Business Support

    Tel.: +420 736 519 106

    Petr Kolečkář Guarantor of complaints

    Tel.: +420 318 652 463
    Tel.: +420 736 519 463

    Are you looking for an innovation partner?

    We are currently e.g. implementing the project: Research and development of a multifunctional therapeutic device for ozone therapy intended for applications of procedures for multiple partial diagnoses , which is co-financed European Union.


    Our customers can use the 24-hour service at the following telephone numbers: +420 377 438 888 nebo +420 318 652 888