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PertinaxDiag is a tool providing users with a complex survey of a state of the control system. 

It enables administration of diagnostic information on states and incidents that have occurred in the course of the operation and their archiving. 

It simplifies work not only when put into operation but during operation check of the state of the SandRA Z200 and Z210 system as well. 

PertinaxDiag communicates with the stations via communication network Ethernet. To monitor a station it is only necessary to know its IP address. Through command Start, there is started monitoring of events on all connected stations of the control system. The software does not perform any entries in the stations, the data are only read. All diagnostic events are displayed clearly in a tree structure. Each event is related to one of 8 levels of importance. Recorded events can be filtered depending on various criteria. The interface is available both in Czech and English.