System software

System software

Tools for design, configuration and administration of control system SandRA

Company ZAT has long-term experience not only in the development of control system hardware, but also in the development of the respective software equipment. It is both basic software equipment of SandRA control stations and the tools for creating application software in individual levels of the control system.

Safe and reliable control algorithms

Develpoment environment Pertinax ranks among the elementary system software. This complex tool supporting the development of reliable software has been on a long-term basis used in various application fields of control systems in a lot of countries around the world.

Its basic function is the creation of a complete SW of process stations, starting from the design and debugging of algorithms through its loading up to the administration and configuration of all control stations in an application of control systems.

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Safe and comfortable control of processes

Operator system is HMI of a control system and represents a „window“ into the process for users. This system is followed by the tools for archiving and communication with the company information systems. Therefore the architecture of the operator system is variable and highly flexible and can be easily adjusted to a controlled operation and customer requirements. Platform SandRA offers a solution of the operator level in the form of integration of the tools AVEVA TM System Platform and Reliance.
For the safety applications in nuclear power engineering, company ZAT offers their solution of operator system SandRA Horus that has from the beginning developed concerning use in the projects with higher requirements for safety and reliability. It also includes a reliable archive that is ready to save all important data from the technology as well as the control system. Its part is also a universal diagnostic system providing a complex summary of the state of the technology and control system.

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Overview of a state of the system at every moment

A perfect overview of the current state of all components of a control system as well as of the history of all defects or changes of configuration concerning the entire controlling application is a necessary prerequisite for effective service and predictive maintenance. PertinaxDiag is a tool providing all this information in a clear form. It thus increases the efficiency of problem-solving at putting into operation as well as during operation inspection of the state of the SandRA system.

A new platform SoWA offers modern methods and data analyses, machine learning, and elements of artificial intelligence for behavior analysis of controlled technology.

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Data consistence and integrity

All SW tools of platform SandRA can be used independently. However, the bigger project is designed, the more difficult it is to keep integrity in all its data. Therefore, the Project database Pertinax, as a base of the advanced DCS system, is a guarantor of meeting these requirements. It ensures availability, completeness, and consistency of the data in the entire control system application and at the same time, it is used as a connecting element of all integrated tools of the DCS SandRA Synergy.

It means that these programs work above shared data. This reduces workload and, at the same time, eliminates a potential source of errors even in the case that more people work on the same project.

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