Project database Pertinax Back

The basic tool for unified data administration system in the whole application of the control system.

It provides the availability, integrity and consistency of the data and it exports them to the tools for the creation of the visualization and archiving tool called Pertinax. This tool is used for the application program creation for the process stations.

Technical information

  • Projection database Pertinax is based on MS SQL Server 2008 R2
  • It is intended as the sole source of IO signals used in programming means ZAT and other parties
  • Data can be managed only from single point (the program) and this is the Client PDP
  • Using the client PDP is possible to define new variables and IO or amend existing
  • Definition or the change of a variable can be performed sequentially or in bulk

Advantages of the system

  • Essential tool for managing data across application management system
  • Provides a unified system of management data
  • Guarantees the availability, completeness and consistency of data
  • Export data to tools for the creation visualization and the archiving system (Wonderware Development Studio) and tool Pertinax for the development of application program of process stations
  • Allows connection to an external SQL database and MS Acess (for example: databaze of sensors, cables, etc.)


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