Remote input and output stations Back

They provide a connection of the input signals from the controlled technology sensors and output control signals. The interconnection of these stations with control stations is performed by some of the standard fieldbus-type protocols (Profibus, Powerlink, Modbus RTU etc.)
It allows the connection of stations from virtually any vendor to the SandRA system.

For example, we connected this way the stations of remote inputs and outputs from the X20 line made by B&R company, which were fully integrated to the system not only at the communication level, but even into design and project tools and therefore became one of building items of the control system architecture.

The sensors and actuators can be of course connected directly to the fieldbus, if they are equipped with an appropriate interface for used protocol.

The advantages of the system

  • Remote IO for system SandRA
  • Comunication PROFIBUS DP or POWERLINK
  • Wide assortment of I/O modulů
  • Guarantee long-term availability
  • Successful mechanical design
  • Production in Austria
  • Support in the tool Pertinax


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