SandRA Control System Architecture

Basic features SandRA

Robustness and reliability

Great emphasis is put on high reliability when selecting individual elements and defining the control system architecture. For the most demanding applications, it is possible to implement all elements of the system in redundant arrangement.

Open system

The control system is based on both proprietary elements produced by ZAT (especially the direct control level) and the elements of other renowned manufacturers cooperating with ZAT in the long term. ZAT-Plant Suite system is thus most open, allowing the integration of third-party equipment at all levels of the control structure.

Flexibility and individual solutions

Openness of the system combined with the support of original ZAT development and production allows for maximum customization of the control system to specific customer requirements.

Advanced tools for system administration and maintenance

Design, configuration and administration of the entire ZAT-Plant Suite control system is performed from the Technical Station equipped with all necessary tools.

Long service life

Original development, production and servicing of key components of the ZAT-Plant Suite control system allows us to guarantee to users a long-term availability of spare parts and potential gradual modernization and component-by-component expansion of the control system, with a guarantee of compatibility with previously installed equipment.

Remote I/O station X20

Remote I/O stations are located as close to the controlled technology as possible. This significantly reduces the cabling costs for the connection of sensors and actuators mainly in large-scale installations. In the ZAT-Plant Suite system, B&R company X20 series remote I/O stations are fully integrated.

  • Serial communication via Profibus DP or Ethernet POWERLINK
  • Possible redundant configuration of the communication bus (ring or double bus);
  • Broad range of I/O modules;Successful mechanical construction;
  • Full integration into the system and support using ZAT design tools.

Operator level (SCADA HMI)

This level of control system provides vizualization of technological data, value and parameter settings, batch control, reporting, archivation, alarm handling, etc. 

Tools for design, configuration and system administration

Engineering stations

  • Is used for the administration of the whole application of the SandRA control system
  • Includes all the necessary tools for design, programming and configuration of all control system elements

Pertinax Design Database - basic tool for data management in the whole control system application

Pertinax 6 - unified programming tool for processing stations in ZAT systems

ZAT IMS - Instrument Management Software - tool for intelligent sensor management

PernetSim - communication simulator within the Pernet network

Access to ZAT Licenses

  • For its customers, ZAT a.s. creates such conditions that allow to invite tenders for service work and implementation of new business cases related to SW and HW modifications of control systems produced by ZAT a.s.
  • The application software supplied by ZAT a.s. is owned by the customer, if so agreed in the terms of the related contract. Otherwise, ZAT a.s. is ready to enter into negotiations with customers over the legalization of this software.
  • If the Pertinax SW tool is included within the scope of supply, it is owned by the customer, if so agreed in the terms of the related contract. Use of this software is governed by the specific licensing conditions specified in the contract. Otherwise, ZAT a.s. is ready to enter into negotiations with customers over the legalization of this software. A template of the license agreement is available here for viewing.

Special applications for the power sector

Compact Automatic Voltage Regulator ZAT AVR Z110 for Synchronous Machines

Designed for:

  • Excitation systems with a DC exciter
  • Brushless excitation systems
  • Static excitation systems
  • Excitation systems with a controlled rectifier supplied from an auxiliary alternator


  • Compact design for installation into a cubicle
  • Redundant configuration possible
  • Comfort visualization
  • Diagnostics (HW, functional, operational)

Digital and Synchronization Device DSD Z110

  • Enables automatic generator connection to a network
  • Integrates the synchronizer and synchro-check functions
  • Can be used in combination with AVR Z110 or separately
  • Communication: Ethernet, RS 422/485, USB
  • Output for generator frequency control
  • Output for generator voltage control
  • Diagnostics (HW, functional, operational)

DSD Z110

  • Turbine Control and Protection System
  • The system is based on the proven concept of the PRIMIS 2000 systems and employes the new generation of SandRA processing stations
  • Turbine control - speed, power, pressure, island operation
  • Steam extraction control - extraction pressure control
  • Turbine protection system
  • Turbine machine hall control system

ZAT x tech 8

Operator's Panel for Manual Control of Nuclear Reactor Control Rods

  • It is used to manually control the nuclear reactor control rods
  • Individual rods or selected groups of control rods can be controlled
  • Displays positions of control rods in the reactor in numerical and graphical forms