Visualization and operator workplaces Back

The operator level of the control system allows the technological data visualization, entering commands, process parameter settings, controlling of the technology using pre-defined sequences and several supportive functions.

It involves several operator workplaces, a storage for data archiving, information server providing data for the systems of manufacturing control and resource planning(MES, MRP/ERP).

Technical information

The SandRA control system offers two basic concepts of the operator level solution:
  • The concept using an I/O server for communication with the control stations. The server provides data for individual operator stations. The data processing and control tasks are performed on the operator stations.
  • The concept using so called Wonderware Application Server (WAS). In this case all of the data operations are performed on the server. The operator workplaces are then used only for data visualization using so called „thin client“.

The advantages of the system

  • More than 20 years of experience with the operator workplaces implementation
  • We are the only integrator of the Wonderware products in the Czech Republic, these product are due to long term cooperation fully integrated into the SandRA system
  • We offer the solution of the operator workplaces based on the Reliance product (vendor GEOVAP)

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