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Description of Solution

In the field of water management, we operate at the levels of municipal water management infrastructure and waterways. The technologies managed and monitored by ZAT include in particular:

    • lock chambers
    • weir flaps
    • gas station
    • automatic pressure stations
    • wastewater treatment plants

The aim of ZAT is to provide the operator with the most friendly control system possible, while meeting customer requirements and respecting the interconnection with existing management systems of related technology. We display the data from the control system locally, transfer it to the existing control room, or we design and deliver a new control room. Remote access to the control system and diagnostic data from the monitoring system offers the operator greater comfort in access from a PC, tablet or smartphone and the service organization greater flexibility in case of service intervention or preventive maintenance planning. We provide remote access to data either using a web client or our own SimONet platform.

Technical Solution


In the case of simpler applications, such as smaller filling stations or automatic pressure stations, we prefer a solution based on our own compact control system SandRA Z210 with the possibility of connecting remote inputs and outputs.
For more complex applications, we mainly offer our own control system SandRA Z200 of more robust construction, which is suitable for technologies such as water works or other water management complexes.
In the case of established standards or customer requirements, we can build management on products from other suppliers, such as Schneider, Conel, Siemens, Allen Bradley, etc.


The method of visualization depends on the complexity of the technology.
For the simplest applications, we display information on the control panel or via a web server. In the case of more complex technologies, we then visualize at the operator's workplace or central control room, using mainly the Czech Reliance platform, which offers a clear and friendly user environment.
In the case of customers with above-standard requirements, we offer the use of the foreign Wonderware platform.

Topological Scheme

Customer Benefits

When deploying the SandRA control system:

  • Friendly user interface and convenient access to current data via smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Modern system with the possibility of supplementing functions in connection with its own development capacities
  • Openness of the control system - possibility of SW modifications by the operator
  • Czech product and documentation
  • Fast on-site or remote access service
  • Cost savings due to preventive maintenance based on the collection and analysis of diagnostic data


Completed orders:

  • Waterworks Kořensko

At the turn of 2016/2017, ZAT modernized the control system and visualization for controlling the lock chamber and weir flaps of the Kořensko waterworks on the Vltava River, including the connection to the small Kořensko hydroelectric power plant. The contracting authority was the state-owned company Povodí Vltavy.
During the implementation, the original ZAT-E and SATEK control systems were replaced by a unified ZAT SandRA Z210 control system with connected remote inputs and outputs. The Wonderware InTouch visualization system has been upgraded to the latest version and expanded to include additional workstations. To increase user comfort, we have unified the graphic design of applications of individual technological units.

  • WWTP Mníšek pod Brdy

In 2015, we carried out a complete supply of the control and monitoring system of the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Mníšek pod Brdy, from the project through commissioning to staff training. The ZAT SandRA Z210 series control system was used for control, we built the visualization on the Czech Reliance platform. ZAT also provided the design, supply and installation of electrical parts and field instrumentation.