The unified programming tool for process stations in the ZAT systems.

Technical information


  • Project database support with a connection to the visualization level
  • Easy application programming using graphical objects (functional blocks)
  • Algorithm function debugging using just PC
  • Visualization of current algorithm values
  • Visualization of input and output signals of the station
  • Remote parameterization of the user SW
  • Data communication via wide range of protocols
  • OpenVPN for safe connection between stations and their surroundings in unreliable (insecured) ethernet network 

Operation modes:

  • Editor – configuration, drawing, compilation, crosschecks
  • Simulator – off-line function check at the PC
  • Analyzer – station upload, on-line diagnostics of the station, reading from the station, parameter adjustment (on-line), graphs, trends etc.

Advantages of the system


  • Programming application for ZAT process stationsl
  • HW configurator comprises HW and SW station features)
  • System SW versions management
  • Station interface defined through drivers of relevant peripheral devices
  • User SW bumpless update
  • System status information

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