Special instruments for energetics of the SandRA Z110 line Back

Compact voltage regulator of the synchronous generator AVR Z110

Intended for 

  • Excitation systems with DC exciter
  • Brushless excitation systems
  • Static excitation systems
  • Excitation systems with controlled rectifier supplied by an auxiliary alternator


  • Compact design for installation into a cubicle
  • Redundant configuration possible
  • Comfort visualization
  • Diagnostics (HW, functional, operational)

Digital and Synchronization Device DSD Z110


  • Enables automatic generator connection to a network
  • Integrates the synchronizer and synchro-check functions
  • Can be used in combination with AVR Z110 or separately
  • Communication: Ethernet, RS 422/485, USB
  • Output for generator frequency control
  • Output for generator voltage control
  • Diagnostics (HW, functional, operational) 

Turning gear controller with synchronization

  • Based on Z100
  • Specially designed for Doosan Škoda Power
  • Used for automatic synchronization of turbine turning gear
  • Communication: Ethernet, CAN and USB service communication

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