The process stations of the SandRA Z200 line Back

The Z200 stations are used in the control and monitoring systems, especially in energetics, but also in other branches. The control stations perform the algorithm of direct controlling (regulation loops, logical functions, sequential tasks etc.)

They communicate with each other, external devices and superior operator level.

The communication is based on the ETHERNET technology. A company protocol PERNET or some of the standard protocols (Modbus TCP, IEC 60870-5-104 and other) are used.

Technical information

  • Stations of Z200 series are designed as modular. It means that characteristics of the particular control station(e.g. number of input and output signals, their type and range, types and numbers of communication channels, supply voltage, computing output etc.) depend on the station configuration and it implies that it is possible to change and develop them.
  • Each station includes one or two processor boards with the application program and up to 18 peripheral IO boards a data connected with processor boards with the internal serial bus.
  • Each station further includes one or two power supply boards that provide galvanically isolated power supply of internal electronic circuits.
  • To solve complex automation tasks can be used multiprocessor operation within one rack or via network Ethernet to connect more stations into larger units.
  • Distributed peripherals can be connected via serial interface protocol PowerLink, as well as through other communication interfaces such as MODBUS, PROFIBAS-DP, RDD, RS232/422/485, etc.

The advantages of the system

  • Robust metal mechanics The 19“ sized rack with plug-in boards ensures resistance to electromagnetic interference.
  • Galvanic isolation Input circuits and communication lines are isolated from the internal logic circuits which improves the resistance of the control station to electromagnetic interference and overvoltage from outer environment.
  • High speed serial bus The bus runs at 1.25Gb/s and the configuration of „double star“ ensures the station functionality even in the case of bus error
  • The Live Insertion Function All of the Z200 plug-in boards allow the exchange of the board during the control station operation.
  • Redundancy All of the key elements can be chosen as redundant (double data bus, two control boards, double power supply lines, two power supply boards), for less demanding applications there is a configuration with lower degree of redundancy
  • Two redundant power supplies The power can be supplied by two individual systems up to the individual plug-in boards level

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