The process station of the SandRA Z210 line Back

The Z210 line is suitable for controlling of heat exchange stations, small hydroelectric power plants, control and monitoring of pipelines, regulation and exchange station in the gas industry, gas containers, sewage disposal plants and further.

UC0005A1 - Control module of remote IO 

  • Processor PowerQUIIC II MPC8270integrated FPU, CPM, PCI, frequency 450 Mhz
  • 16 kB data cache
  • 16 kB instruction cache
  • 128 MB of SDRAM memory
  • 128 MB of FLASH memory
  • 3 Fast Ethernet 100Base-TX channels
  • 3 channels of serial interface + terminal

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UC0009A1 - Control module with integrated I/O

  • 32 digital inputs - asynchronous counter mode, archive of the input signals
  • 12 digital outputs - short circuit proof, contactless switching
  • 16 analog inputs - suppression of serial interference 50 Hz, resolution 16bits
  • 2 analog outputs - rezolution 12bits

Detailed information UC0009A1

New: UC0011A1 - Control module with the Profibus DP protocol

  • 3 serial interfaces 
  • Profibus DP - speed 9,6 - 12000 kBaud
  • Number of connected stations  - DP slave 125 ks

Detailed information on UC0011A1

Technical information

The station can be used in applications which require less number of inputs and outputs, especially:

  • Local control stations for individual technological parts connected to a control system of the technological block
  • Control stations for topologically large technologies (pipelines etc.)
  • Telemetry stations
  • Autonomous control stations for small technology controlling (up to 100 I/O)

The advantages of the system

  • Compact control module Small dimensions, can be easily mounted to racks and DIN rails
  • Wide communication option 3x Fast Ethernet 100BASE-TX channels, 3x serial interface channels (sw configurable as RS-232/RS-485/RS-422) and 1x USB1.1 channel
  • Powerful hardware Powerful Freescale processor PowerQUICC II MPC8270 (855 MIPS@450MHz)
  • SD-Card slot RTC with backup battery
  • 24V supply voltage Optional redundant power supply from two sources
  • Inputs and outputs connection An X20 system of remote inputs and outputs is used for the connection of technological signals. The signals are connected via communication interface (Ethernet) to the control station or technology
  • Operating system Linux World-wide supported and very perspective system, its using is not limited by licenses, it allows easy expanding of the control stations sw properties
  • Wide data and communication option Proprietary company protocol based on TCP/IP, common communication standards(Modbus RTU and TCP/IP, POWERLINK), special protocols used in energetics (CSN EN 60870-5-104, SPA Bus, M-bus), intelligent sensors and actuators support (HART), special protocols for various devices communicating via serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, RS-422), optional implementation of special communication protocols

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