Products & Solutions

We produce and implement own products. We design, develop, manufacture and then apply control systems that guarantee long life cycles of all devices. All the same time we supply components from reliable producers. Our solutions can be found on every continent.

Automation for Nuclear Power Generation
I & C for the primary circuit of NPP, I & C for the primary circuit of NPP, I & C common block components, Special Applications, ...
Automation for Conventional Power Generation
Thermal power plants, Hydro power plants, Heating plants, Waste incineration plants
Automation for Technological Processes
Transportation, Surface mining, Gas pipelines, Biogas plants, Sewage treatment plants, Other industrial processes, ...
Maintenance and service
Warranty service, Production and repair of spare parts, Occasional service, Long-time maintenance , Training of staffs by customer, ...
Production of industrial electronics
Own solution of electronic boards, Completion and connection of control systems, Implementation of switchboards, ...
58 years in automation
31 536 000 seconds a year we are here for you
27 750 employees have created the Company's know how
4 generations of control systems