Reference - Heating plant

Heating plant Příbram, Czech republic

Used products: ZAT- Plant Suite MP, ZAT-DV,Primis 2000

Branches: Production of industrial electronics, Automation for Conventional Power Generation, Heating plants

Country: Czech Republic

Realisation: 2001-2010

Finished at: 2010


During 10 years took place control systems  inovation of  three generations as products  of ZAT control systems. The whole range of delivery: Control system of heating plant (3x boiler, 2x TG, desulphurization),TG 4MW, reconstruction of exchanger stations, chemical water treatment, complete reconstruction of control systems. The whole range represents more than 280 projects realized by control systems ZAT.  

The production of these deliveries required technical solutions that met demanding requirements of environment in coal mines